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Dear Teacher,

Have you been using New World Interactive English in your school? If so, please take some time out and let us know your feedback about the series. We would be revising the series soon. Your comments and suggestions would provide us insight and valuable support in making the series most suitable for your language learners.

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4.  English Text currently used: 

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Your Observations/Comments on NWIE
1.  Are you happy with the course content? 
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2.  What do you think about the Selections? 
Prose:   adequate    not adequate    needs improvement
Poetry:  adequate    not adequate    needs improvement
Drama:  adequate    not adequate    needs improvement
  If you think it needs improvement, please give your suggestions here:
3.  Do you think the exercises are adequate? 
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4.  What do you think about the variety/type of exercises given in the textbook? 
   adequate    not adequate    needs improvement
  What do you think needs improvement? 
   Grammar    Vocabulary    Listening    
   Speaking    Reading         Writing        
  For improvement, please give your suggestions here:
5.  Have you come across any errors in the books?  
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  If yes, please specify:
6.  Have you come across any omissions in the book?  
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  If yes, please specify:
7.  What do you think about the presentation and lay-out of the book? 
Excellent    Very Good    Good    Average    Not good
  If you think it needs improvement, please suggest:
  General Comments, If any: